Request a Course Scholarship

Scholarships through the P.O.S.T. Greater Metro Training Region (GMR) are available for any sworn officer in the nine-county GMR region.  Scholarships are provided on a reimbursement basis only and can pay for all or part of the cost of a sworn employee to attend a class, a workshop or training conference; this includes lodging and per diem when applicable.


At least 30 days prior to the class start date the attendee/agency must complete a Scholarship Application Form. The application should be printed, completed in its entirety, signed by approving agency supervisor, and emailed or faxed back to the GMR Training Coordinator, along with all of the required documentation noted in the upper right-hand corner of the Scholarship Application. Requests with missing or incomplete information will not be presented to the GMR Board for consideration and will be returned to the requesting agency to supply missing or incomplete information. The entire Scholarship Application with the required attachments will need to be resubmitted to the GMR Training Coordinator.

Scholarships are generally reviewed by the GMR Governing Board on a monthly basis. However, exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis should the need arise.

NOTE:  All fees to be included in the scholarship payment must be requested at the time of initial application. Scholarships can be granted in whole or in part and the “contact” person noted on the application will be notified of the disposition of the scholarship once the Board has made a determination.


Once the course has been completed, the law enforcement agency that was awarded the scholarship will have 30 days from the last date of the class to submit proof of payment receipts to the GMR Training Coordinator. Failure to do so will forfeit the scholarship award; one courtesy email will be sent to the “contact” and/or “fiscal contact” person identified on the Scholarship Request form. 

Examples of proof of payment receipts may include:

  • Course registration 
  • Lodging 
  • Per-diem (daily amount not to exceed the current Federal per-diem rates for the area in which the training was held)
  • Mileage for personal vehicle – if an agency vehicle was not available for the employee to take to the training (not to exceed the current Federal mileage per-diem rate) 
  • Parking costs

NOTE:  All fees to be included in the scholarship reimbursement must be requested at the time of initial application. Scholarships can be granted in whole or in part and the “contact” person noted on the Application will be notified of the disposition of the scholarship once the Board has made that determination.

Further questions may be directed to the GMR Training Coordinator.

Utilize our Calendar of Events or access the Course Listings page to begin the registration process.  Be sure to have your PID number ready as you will not be able to register without it.
If for any reason you need to UNREGISTER yourself from an event, please submit a request to the GMR Training Coordinator by filling out the contact form.  Put "Unregister" and the title of the event you wish to be removed from in the subject line of the contact form.

This web site is to serve as a conduit for officers to find out what classes Greater Metro Region (GMR) is sponsoring, when and where they are scheduled, and to provide the user with an electronic tool to register for the FREE GMR courses.  

NOTE: Greater Metro Region law enforcement agencies take precedence over non-greater metro region agencies for initial registration, however, if there are seats left up to 2 weeks prior to the class start date, non-greater metro region agencies may take advantage of the free training.


Class Sponsorship Requests

IMPORTANT:  ONLY courses that are POST APPROVED shall be considered for sponsorship by the Greater Metro Training Region (GMR). 

A vendor/instructor who would like to have a course considered for GMR sponsorship should complete the Class Sponsorship Request form. The form should be submitted with any supporting documents to the GMR Training Coordinator via email for Governing Board consideration.

Vendors may be invited to a board meeting to present more information on the course before a decision is made regarding GMR sponsorship. 

Several factors are taken into consideration when GMR reviews a course for sponsorship. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Industry demand/need
  • Cost benefit per student
  • Special facility requirements
  • Conflict of interest considerations

Additional information
For purposes of grant funding, SPONSORSHIP means GMR will pay the flat rate, as determined by the vendor/instructor and agreed upon by GMR, to purchase a “turnkey” course for which the vendor will not receive any additional compensation from any agency or individual attending the course.  

Vendors/Instructors are responsible for carrying out the following before full payment can be issued:

  • Provide all learning materials for course
  • Ensure any handouts provided indicate this course is “Sponsored by POST Greater Metro Training Region” (on hand out cover sheet or power point slide is acceptable)
  • Ensure attendance roster is signed by all participants with Police ID #
  • Provide certificates for attendees (if certificates are awarded for this class)
  • Give attendance roster to hosting agency for submission to POST
  • Submit invoice AND W-9 for payment within one week of completion of the class to the GMR Training Coordinator

In turn, GMR and/or Host Agency agree to provide:

  • Course registration management
  • An appropriate location for the training class – any special needs should be communicated to the host agency well ahead of time
  • Attendance Roster
  • Light snacks and coffee
  • Requested AV equipment (if readily available to the host agency)