How to use this site

Course Registrations

Utilize our Calendar of Events or access the Course Listings page to begin the registration process.  Be sure to have your PID number ready as you will not be able to register without it.
If for any reason you need to UNREGISTER yourself from an event, please submit a request to the GMR Training Coordinator by filling out the contact form.  Put "Unregister" and the title of the event you wish to be removed from in the subject line of the contact form.

This web site is to serve as a conduit for officers to find out what classes Greater Metro Region (GMR) is sponsoring, when and where they are scheduled, and to provide the user with an electronic tool to register for the FREE GMR courses.  

Greater Metro Region law enforcement agencies take precedence over non-greater metro region agencies for initial registration, however, if there are seats left up to 2 weeks prior to the class start date, non-greater metro region agencies may take advantage of the free training.